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We Help Connect You With Your Patients

Through a call, a medical appointment, or a video consultation, you will be notified when there is any irregularity with your patients’ condition. We  provide relevant data for optimized decision-making.


We Watch for Changes in Patient Trends

While measuring relevant vital signs at the intervals you recommend, we’ll immediately bring any discrepancies we may notice regarding a patient’s condition to your attention.


We Prioritize Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction was 83% as per our Commonwealth and Industry Research Organization (CSIRO) pilot test conducted in Australia.

Benefits for ACOs, HMOs, hospitals and other medical facilities

Decrease in ER visits

There are approximately 130 million ER visits annually in the U.S. Our clinical protocols, supported by voice communication technology, reduce the amount of unnecessary ER visits.


Decrease in hospital admission rates

RPM drastically reduces hospitalization rates by as much as 53%, according to the Commonwealth Science and Industry Research Organization (CSIRO) in Australia. Our services complement RPM with RN home visits as needed.


Reduction in hospital length of stay (LOS)

The CSIRO reported that the length of hospital stays were reduced by 76% through RPM. Patient rotation in hospitals improves the capacity of the health system.


Improves care through data

The medical data we provide, both real-time and stored for future use, is invaluable to medical professionals. This data allows for effective preventative care and timely intervention. 


Benefits of RPM to the health system

RPM improves quality of care, increases capacity to treat more patients, reduces costs, and increases patient satisfaction.

Patient benefits: the best emergency is one that is prevented


Communication anytime and anywhere

Our technology helps your monitoring HCP communicate with your doctor whenever you need it, thanks to our clinical standards for performance.


Caring, personalized service

We have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals on hand available to support you 24/7.


Reminders to take medications

We remind you to take any medications prescribed by your doctor through alerts at relevant times.


Increases your independence

You’ll have the opportunity to take control of your daily monitoring requirements.


You will never be alone

We will monitor and assist you remotely while you remain in the comfort of your home.


Your medical record will remain secure

We store your clinical information in our secure servers. It is safeguarded by Protected Health Information (PHI).

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